In Memoriam


December 9, 2014 by drcatz inmemoriam 0 comments
Loki was a devoted friend. She was a sweet girl who lived a long, 18 year life which eventually caught up with her. Loki passed at her home with her owner and Dr. Kent at her side. She will always be remembered as the ultimate companion. Read more
Smitty was adopted at 4 years old from an overcrowded rescue home.   He had many ailments but overcame them with the excellent veterinary services of Dr. Elyse Kent.  Smittywas unable to recover from kidney failure.  He was a great cat. Read more


April 21, 2014 by drcatz inmemoriam 0 comments
Didi went too soon.  She suffered a stroke / blood clot and passed in her sleep.   Didi had beautiful blueberry eyes and a pink bubblegum nose with drops of coffee colored spots. Read more